Dementia Care

In the synchronistic way that things often happen it has come to my attention recently that when one gets to ‘a certain age’ one is sometimes challenged by meeting, living with, caring for or in other ways needing to relate to someone with dementia.
About 18 months ago I had occasion to need some help with a relative and found a wonderful book by Bernie McCarthy, “Hearing the Person with Dementia – A Person-Centred Approach to Communication for Families and Caregivers”.
If you find yourself in this position I can strongly recommend this book; it is full of useful, enlightening information about how the brain works, or not, in the person with dementia. Bernie’s talks about what to expect in terms of behaviour and mental health states, and how to deal with that as and when it arises. Also, about how to respect the person with dementia when it comes to more practical self-care tasks like bathing and toileting. There is also lots of self-help advice and tips about caring for the carer (you!), finding and valuing your limitations, and working within them for your own sake and that of other family members and friends.
I hope you find the book as useful as I did.
Warm regards,

The Importance of Positive Attitude

The more I work at counselling people, and supervising other counsellors, the more I am passionate about getting the message across about the importance of attitude; not just attitude to others but attitude to self. It is our attitude to ourselves that we are likely to project onto others; if we believe ourselves to be useless, or boring, then we are going to expect that other people will have ‘noticed’ that, and we will expect unfavourable treatment from them accordingly. We then have to behave in yams that either defend ourselves from perceived, or expected, attack, or we behave in ways that over-compensate and end up people-pleasing in an (often) vain attempt at impressing others, or at least avoiding what we believe will be their disparaging remarks. Talking things over over with a therapist can help us explore our self-limiting beliefs and lead to insights that help live a more fulfilling and joyful life.